We do not endorse the use of tobacco for smoking, SMOKING KILLS!

This Week’s Special


 We don’t sell any processed tobacco products.

All UK customs and duties have been paid on all our products


Currently, both businesses and consumers need not worry about HMRS tobacco taxes on whole leaf tobacco. Our tobacco is not technically a tobacco product, nor is it processed tobacco. It is a raw agricultural commodity, and is therefore not taxable as cut rag,roll-your-own, pipe, or otherwise.

Please note, country laws vary from country to country. ShagTobacco Ltd follows UK customs laws, where whole leaf tobacco is NOT taxable as a tobacco product.

For those of you that are here strictly to save money, you’re missing out on the true meaning of ShagTobacco and whole leaf tobacco. Being able to make your own blends and tobacco products brings a joy to the crafter that can neither be bought nor sold.

To say, “I am smoking my own blend of cigarette” or “This is a custom natural cigarette blend made specifically for my taste” is something that implies a level of gratification that reaches far beyond the traditional conception of “tobacco”.

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